International Pan-Gathering - Safe Riding

“Tail-end Charlie”

All the rider lead runs will use the “Tail-end Charlie”, or “Drop-off” system for marking the route. This system allows the group to keep going even if riders in the group lose sight of the rider in front due to traffic (eg. being stopped at traffic lights).

If you are not familiar with this system, please ask. Ride leaders will check before departure that everyone understands.

Legal Requirements

It is the responsibility of all riders at the event that they have the correct and valid level of Motorcycle Insurance for riding in the UK and that their motorcycle meets all UK legal requirements. Riders must also have a current and valid driving licence, and meet all other legal requirements to ride their bike in the UK.

It is also strongly recommended that breakdown cover is obtained (including puncture cover).

The organisers cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, accident or injury to riders, passengers, or their motorcycles whilst participating in any part of this event.